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Sunday Services Tuesday
Bible School          9:45 AM Food Pantry       9:00 AM-Noon
Worship Service  11:00 AM 1724 Epps St., Tazewell
Choir Practice       4:45 PM Wednesday Services
Evening Service    6:00 PM Prayer Meeting/Bible Study 6:00 PM
Children’s Choir 6:00 PM

Directions: From Highway 33 in New Tazewell, turn between Judy’s Flowers and Gifts and Duncan Motor Co onto Duncan Street, go to the stop sign, turn left onto Old Jacksboro Road, go to the next stop sign, turn right onto Buchannan Road, the church will be on your left about 1/4 mile.  See the map.

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  1. Leadership Team says:

    Law #19- The Law of Timing

    When to Lead Is As Important As What to Do and Where to Go

    Esther 4:6-17

    When the right leader and the right moment come together, incredible things happen. Reading a situation and knowing what to do are not enough to make you succeed in leadership. Only the right action at the right time will bring success.

    To be effective, you must overcome whatever is keeping you from moving forward. Like Esther, one must learn that if you don’t seize the moment…
    1. Your face will be like that of the rest of the crowd.
    Sometimes it’s easy to buy in to the notion that we are special and wont have to take the risks of earlier generations. Mordecai reminded Esther that even though she was queen, she would fare no better than the rest of the Jews if she didn’t talk to the king.

    2. God will replace you with someone else.
    Mordecai motivated Esther by reminding her that God would accomplish His purposes even is she sat on the sidelines.

    3. You could lose more than an opportunity.
    Mordecai reminded Esther that if she sat back and did nothing, she could lose more than a chance to do the right thing- she could lose her life. Although doing the right thing at the right time can seem risky, and not everyone may not agree, in the long run, leaders incur a greater risk by NOT taking action.

    4. You could miss out on your mission in life.
    Mordecai speculated that if Esther failed to act on behalf o her people, she might miss out on God’s purpose for her life.

    Resource: Leadership Bible

    For YOU: When making decisions, here is a checklist to help you determine if it’s the right time to seize an opportunity, consider the following:
    1. The Needs Around You
    2. The Opportunities Before You
    3. The Influencers Behind You
    4. The Experience behind You
    5. The Courage Within You

    When making decisions that are right and at the right time, often takes courage. Courage comes rom a French word that means “heart.” Esther demonstrated tremendous courage, time after time.

    When a decision needs to be made, do you tend to wait, or, pray for the courage and wisdom to make the right one and take action?

  2. Leadership Team says:

    Law #20
    The Law of Explosive Growth

    To Add Growth, Lead Followers-
    To Multiply, Lead Leaders
    (And we are all leaders…we must first lead ourselves)

    Luke 9:1- 10:24

    Jesus Expands His Training to Seventy.

    Sometime after Jesus sent out His twelve, handpicked disciples for on the job training, he expanded His training to include 70 unnamed disciples who followed Him. We have reason to believe both men and women made up this group of 70 trainees, and what they accomplished greatly multiplied Jesus’ ministry in Judah.

    Before they left, however, many felt apprehensive about being sent out- just look at the long briefing Jesus gave them. Also, after they returned, note their surprise at how well things went. Jesus expected a lot from them, but he also gave them a lot. This valuable team prepared each city for Jesus’ coming and in return received valuable training from the experience.

    The Law of Explosive Growth teaches that success is determined by who and what the leader teaches. To multiply his or her influence, the leader must teach other leaders and equip them with skills and principles to enable them to influence others. When a leader does this, he or she moves from addition to multiplication.

    Resource: Leadership Bible

    For YOU: Do you consider yourself a leader? Are you a parent? You are a leader. Are you on a committee? Then you are a leader (this doesn’t mean you are chairperson). Do you have friends? Then you are a leader. Leadership is influence.

    We often think the being a leader has a title and they are the ones out front. In many cases that is true. The truth is, we influence the clerks at stores by how we treat them, we influence our friends by showing up on time when we say we will, we influence our co workers by our attitudes. YOU ARE A LEADER.

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